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Flowers are love

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I'm Alexandra. I'm a 26 and I live in South France. I'm a sort of computer geek because I spend lots of time on my computer but I don't go as far as wearing Linux Tshirt... I love movies, TVshows, Harry potter. I love to vid. I love flowers, I love life. I live in my own little bubble full of dreams and daisies. I complain (heh, I'm french afterall ;)). I love travelling. I love meeting people. I love English. I love the world. People say I must have been a hippie in another life. what would they say that ? mmmm
I don't know much more I could say. so voilà.

Feel free to friend me, de-friend me whenever you want. Nothing personnal here. I'm basically on LJ for the vidding fandom so I usually friend people who's work I want to keep track of, vidding wise.